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Welcome to the website of the Catholic Prison Chaplaincy in the Netherlands

Each year, the Dutch prisons detain 39.800 persons. 30% of them seek the help of a Roman Catholic pastor.

Roman Catholic pastors, male and female, provide spiritual help to the prisoners.


In prison one may have a personal talk with the pastor and there are groups that meet to discuss a wide variety of themes involving the faith. Every prisoner can visit weekly our Service of Prayer in the prison church.

‘In the church I feel free for a while’, say many prisoners. 'We are spoken to as children of the Lord'.

Being in church brings people into a different atmosphere. People maintain or restore their contact with God. 
We sing and pray. A candle can be lit, there are Bible readings and a sermon.
Rituals are performed, there are prayers for the family and children, the sick and the dead, and also for the victims.
For many prisoners our services in the church are emotional experiences. It is sometimes the ultimate self-confrontation. After all, only God knows the innermost workings of our heart (psalm 139); there is no longer a way to escape that ... 


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